Friday, September 16, 2011

Introduction to CSC

In 2008, IBM launched the Corporate Services Corps (CSC), a program designed to bring expertise from IBMers around the world to rural companies and organizations in emerging countries and help them solve a particular problem.

I had heard so many positive things about the experience and satisfaction that colleagues gained from participating in this program that I decided to apply. A few months later I was informed of my admission and after several weeks of preparation, I am just 3 days away from starting my journey.

I encourage anyone interested in staying informed to visit this blog periodically and post questions or comments about the stories I will share. Meanwhile, I want to close this first post by thanking my wife Lucia and my children Camila, Benjamin Jr. and Joaquin for making the huge sacrifice of letting me go 8800 miles away from home for 5 weeks. I also want to thank my family in Lima and in particular my sister Karla for the very special occasion I will miss due to this assignment. Finally, I also want to thank my immediate IBM team who will be covering for me during my absence, as well as the many friends and IBMers that I relate with frequently or periodically for their friendship and support.


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